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Fall Lawn Care Guide

Ensure a greener yard in the spring by preparing your lawn in the fall

By the DIY experts of The Family Handyman Magazine

Surprisingly, fall is the season to develop a lusher, greener, healthier lawn. This is the time for aerating, the critical time for fertilizing, and mowing shorter than usual. Plus, even though the grass is entering its big sleep for winter; you’ll need to stay on top of the watering. All of this is to prepare your grass for its wake-up call in the spring. You’ll want it waking up with a belly-full of food, hydrated and free from disease. Here’s how to give your lawn everything it needs this fall.

Aerate heavy soil

If you have heavy, clay-rich soil, it’s really important to aerate. Forget those gadgets that look like golf spikes that you strap to your shoes; rent a power aerator from any rental center for around $40 a day. The aerator extracts plugs from your lawn and topsoil to loosen compacted coil and break up thatch. Your lawn will (continue reading)

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Labor Day is just around the corner!  We have the perfect bow tie for the holiday!

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Customer Photo Gallery

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