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Monthly ASPE Meeting

ASPE Meeting this Month - Thursday June 15th

Powerful meeting this month.

This will be a meeting of great interest. The presentation by Chris Crivello with Doug Nadeau 's comments will definitely get your attention.

I suspect that this month's meeting will be a real draw. Come and enjoy the pleasure of connecting with good friends. 

Meeting Date -    Thursday, June 15th

Speaker:      Chris Crivello with Doug Nadeau

-Topic:                 Anatomy of a Fire

 Chris will also have a first hand experience that will be an eye opener for you.

 If you want more info about the meeting, please check the website.

 This meeting should be very informative, Hope to see you there -

 Also, be sure to check the home page for updated officers columns, Help wanted and other information. 

 Where:   The Italian American Community Center

                    257 Washington Avenue Extension

                    Albany, New York 12205


Agenda:    11:30 AM - Registration / Display Table                   

                  11:40 AM - Lunch is served

                  11:50 AM - Chapter Business

                  12:05 PM - Tabletop Presentation

                  12:10 PM - Technical Presentation

                    1:15 PM - Meeting Adjourned


Cost:           $25.00 for members & non-members

                    $35.00 for PE’s requesting PDH’s. 

                    $35.00 for In-Service Code Credit


As always, please RSVP to Brigette or phone to the lovely Brigette at 518-621-7283 if you plan on attending!

All emails are acknowledged. If you do not get an acknowledgement of your reservation, please resubmit. We don’t want to miss you.

Website:  www.aspenycap.org

Email address: webmaster@aspenycap.org


                 Please make checks payable to “ASPE Capital Region  NY”.

                         Credit cards and vouchers are not accepted.



Don Knuth

C&C Marketing


Office: 518-882-5201

Fax: 518-795-9157


As always, the website is updated with new information including officer's columns, code tidbit, and ASPE happenings.  There are also new job postings in the "Help Wanted" section.  Just go to http://www.aspenycap.org/index.html for all the details (you may need to refresh your browser).

Capital Region NY State Chapter ASPE

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