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Spring Home Maintenance Tips

To help you complete your Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

TESTING SMOKE ALARMS: Hold TEST button down for 2-5 seconds. You should hear a loud beep. If not or if the beep sounds weak the batteries should be replaced. Next, test the smoke alarm with smoke. Light a match and blow it out below the unit. The alarm should go off within a few seconds. If not, change the batteries and test again. If the unit continues to fail the smoke test it should be replaced. Contact a licensed electrical contractor to replace a smoke alarm.

TISSUE TEST: The tissue test is an easy way to make sure your exhaust fans are doing their job in order to prevent mould. To do it, turn on the kitchen or bathroom exhaust fan and hold a tissue against it. If the fan is strong enough to hold the tissue in place it’s probably fine—if not, you might need to replace the fan. If any of your exhaust fans fail the tissue test bring in an HVAC pro.

TOOLING CAULKING: Exterior caulking should be rubberized with at least 20 to 25 percent flexibility. When it comes to caulking, something that separates the pros is “tooling” the caulk, or smoothing it out. Pros will have a container with them that has a soap and water in it. After applying an even bead of caulk they take a tool—usually a piece of wood with a rounded tip—dip it into that solution and run it along the caulking. Dipping that tool in soap and water makes it very slippery, so it doesn’t grab the caulking.

CHECK FIRE EXTINGUISHERS: Make sure pin is intact. Check the extinguisher for dents, leaks and rust. Check the tamper seal—it should not be broken. If it is, the extinguisher may have been used and should be professionally inspected and/or replaced. Check the pressure by looking at the gauge—needle should be in the green zone. If the needle is below the green zone, extinguisher should be recharged or replaced. (To recharge or replace a fire extinguisher contact the association on the tag.) Finally, tip the extinguisher upside down a few of times in order to break up the agent inside.

FOUNDATION CRACKS: Not all foundation cracks are serious. Some hairline cracks are normal. If you find any cracks, either outside or in an unfinished basement, mark them with tape. Check them every 3 months. If they haven’t changed they can be filled in with an epoxy injection. But if the cracks have gotten worse call a structural engineer. Any crack large enough to fit a dime must be checked by a professional.

TUCK POINTING: The mortar in between exterior bricks needs regular maintenance. Crumbling mortar can cause a number of problems, such as loose bricks, flaking or spalling bricks, and water damage to the structure and substrate behind the brick. The fix for crumbling mortar is called pointing, or tuck pointing, which requires scraping out the old mortar and replacing it with new mortar. The new mortar going in should seal any gaps in between the bricks to protect against flaking and spalling.

DECKS & SEALING: Cedar should be sealed at least every 2 years to keep that cedar look and smell; otherwise it will turn grey. In some cases, cedar should be sealed annually, depending on the type of stain used. PT lumber or pressure-treated wood requires sanding, sealing and painting/staining at least every 2 years as well. Protecting PT lumber with a solid stain or painting it could stretch out maintenance to every 3 years. For less maintenance and more durability, composite wood, Trex, or a manmade product can work well. (There are composite wood products made to look like cedar.)

INSPECTING YOUR ROOF: From the ground, check for missing, torn, buckling or curling shingles; asphalt granules in eavestroughs, as well as shingles with missing granules. These are all telltale signs that you may need to reroof. Book a professional roofer as soon as possible as they tend to get booked months in advance. When reroofing make sure the first layer of shingles are removed before new shingles are installed, and ice and water shield is used rather than asphalt paper.

DEALING WITH MOULD: Most surface mould should be cleaned with an antimicrobial solution, like Concrobium Mold Control®, including windowsills and bathroom grout. DO NOT USE BLEACH. Not only can bleach be more toxic than mould, but it’s also ineffective, especially on porous surfaces like wood and drywall—the mould will just come back. Any surface that has over 10 sq. ft. of mould should be professionally cleaned by a mould abatement company. Any condensation issues in your home causing mould must be addressed by a professional; and remember to leave bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans on for at least 30 minutes after showering or cooking.

MAINTENANCE INSPECTIONS: A maintenance and/or energy efficiency inspection can help prioritize necessary repairs and upgrades that should be scheduled throughout spring and summer to ensure all work is completed by the end of fall. Depending on the extent of the repairs and/or upgrades it may take months to find the right contractor, develop the appropriate contract and work schedule, and to book their time. Get a home inspection that includes thermography (thermal imaging) to find leaks in the roof, hidden moisture issues behind walls, as well as heat loss.


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